Wednesday, July 11, 2007

1) When you forget the song in your heart, a friend is someone who sings it back to you.

2) A friend's support is unconditional: when the going gets tough a friend is right there beside you.

3) A friend has seen you at your worst and loves you even so.

4) A friend is someone with whom you can share secrets in confidence.

5) You can phone a friend for help even in the middle of the night.

6) A friend is honest with you, deflates your ego and inflates your Self.

7) A friend shares your sense of humour, provides nourishment and inspiration for the mind.

8) A friend is drawn to you not not for what you are but who you are.

9) When you share your wildest dreams, a friend is someone who replies, quote, How can I help?.

10) Thinking about Needs and Values, once you have recognized those Needs which,satisfied, enable you to be the best person you possibly can be, a friend will help you get them met.

.......And a friend will say all of the above about you too!